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I'm a student at Byron City Community, studying PR, in the Alpha Phi sorority, and OMG I love my girlfriends and my dog Nibbles! He's the cutest! I'm so totally a dork, lol.

Speak up, I can’t hear you with my headphones on

There’s something wrong with people today. Like, it happens all of the time, whether I’m taking the bus, walking down the street, or ordering fast food. People just don’t speak loud enough when I have my headphones on.

Not talking loud enough when I’ve got my headphones on? How rude.

It’s a serious problem. I was at the grocery store yesterday, picking up some Bacardi and ice gum, really feeling the Beyonce on my iPod, when the cashier started talking to me. “What?” I said. “Speak up.” He spoke again, but I still couldn’t understand him. After three or four failed tries, I rolled my eyes, pulled out my earbuds and put down my cell phone. He was just asking for my I.D. Jeez, is it really that hard to speak up a little when you’re asking something so simple?

Seriously, people need to be more considerate. It happens all of the time, at home, during class, at the doctor’s office, wherever I go. I even missed most of my sister’s wedding because apparently the bible school the priest went to didn’t teach him how to project, and I couldn’t even hear my Dad give my grandpa’s Eulogy over ‘Tonight We Are Young’ because that dive funeral parlor isn’t competent enough to invest in a good PA system. I mean, come on people, where are your communication skills?

This it the 21st century, ok? It’s time we adjusted to the technology around us and learned to be more courteous in a more technologically advanced society. We need to start thinking about others, like waiting patiently when I interrupt what you’re saying to read and reply to a text from my girlfriends. It’s just good manners.

Can’t stop when I’m in my Ke$ha groove.

Professors, speak up when your students are keeping it real to Ke$ha. Parents, talk to your children with the respect and understanding you would give other adults who are getting a little weepy listening to Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ at full volume. And on the road, be more courteous of drivers wearing their headphones on the highway. You don’t want to be responsible for causing an accident just because you failed to watch their blind spot.

So everyone, be aware, and remember technology etiquette. When you see someone who’s clearly in a major Katy Perry groove or enjoying some Nicki Manaj sing-rapping ‘Starships’ cranked courteously loud enough for everyone on the bus to enjoy, speak up, lean in a bit closer, and use hand signals if necessary. Anything to help the other person understand what you’re saying. It will makes the world better for everyone.


Do these nerd glasses make me look hot?

Remember when thick nerdy glasses used to be not cool? Well now they ARE cool! Which is soooo cool. Girls who wear thick nerd glasses when they don’t need them is totally hot. It makes them look cute but quirky, smart, creative, skinnier, urban, fashionable, and like they don’t care what they look like, all at the same time! And now I’m finally one of them! I found these thick black glasses at a vintage store and OMG I screamed when I saw them! They totally make my face look skinner, and make me look hip and smart:

They’re fake lenses so I still need to wear my colored contacts, but totally hot, right? I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, since I’ve been seeing quite a few girls and celebrities doing it. No, not like Sarah Fey or Tina Palin. Like Zooey Deschanel and Snookie!  Here are some examples:

Anne hathaway! I love hurr!

The hottest celebs are doing it.

LOL, tots Vogue.

Yea, you got it goin' on, gurl!

Tearin' this party uuup!

Wow, avante guard. I'm impressed!

She's cute but quirky! And artsy!

This actually looks like a cool nerd next to an actual nerd. Ew.

Meshin' the nerd look with urban stylz!

Nerd glasses AND her lip is pierced?! Better not mess with this girl. She's deep yet troubled.

Oooh! THOSE nerd glasses are studded! Hot!

So yea, wearing nerd glasses is totally hot, and now I’m tots doing the nerd glasses thang. But I’ll probably stop as soon as it gets trendy. It seems like I always pick things up just before they become popular. Coincidence?

Also, I’m thinking of starting my own fashion blog, featuring me wearing all my cutest outfits! I think I’ll call it “Tiffany Couture” or “Tiffany’s Runway” or “What’s On Tiffany?”. What do you all think?

-Tiff ♡

This Words With Friends game just got weird

Ever play a game of Words With Friends and feel like the other player is sending you hidden messages through the words?

Ok, so I love playing Words With Friends on my iPhone. It combines my two loves, being social, and like, writing and stuff. Anyways, here’s what happened. I’m playing a “random player” game, and everything is normal, until suddenly this stranger plays the word “hot.” Is that just a coincidence, or is he calling me hot? I haven’t texted him pictures of myself doing a kissy face that makes me look skinny like I normally do when I flirt, so I’m not sure.

So then I play the word “true” just in case it was a question so I could let him know that he’s right, I am hot. He then plays the word, “date.”  Ok, now I know he’s definitely hitting on me, but now what? He knows I’m hot, but is he hot, too? I don’t know and don’t have the letters to ask!

I decide to do what Wendy Williams said last week on her show and just go for it. I play “yes” and then wait. His next move is where things get weird. He plays “follow.” Follow? What is that supposed to mean? Does this guy want me to follow him somewhere? Is it the name of a really cool bar in the next city over that I haven’t heard of yet??? Or is he following me?! Is he a stalker?!

My next move is “um”, as in “Um, hello?” so he knows I am confused and he better step up his game cuz he’s losing me fast. Then his next move totally throws me. He plays, “duck.” Ok, is this some freaky stalker guy with a fetish for ducks? Did he mean to play a dirty word but didn’t have the letters? Either way, this guy is officially creeping me out big time. I pass on my next turn as a way to say “Homie, I’m passing on you, you blew it.” Then he totally loses his mind and freaks me out with his next move. He plays “outward”. I jump up, turn off the lights, call the cops, and hide under my table for 10 minutes until the cops arrive.

They say they didn’t see anyone outside. He got away! I show them my Words With Friends game and try to explain everything. The cops just give me a weird look and say they’ll keep an eye out. Psst, so much for law enforcement in this town. Soooo not like CSI. I swear, this happens to me every time I put myself out there! Dating sucks.

I told my bestie Stacy about it after, and she asked me why I didn’t just use the chat function in Words With Friends to ask him if he was hitting on me. I rolled my eyes. That totally would have killed the mood. Stacy doesn’t understand flirting at all.

Making out isn’t cheating if you regret it after, right?

Ok, so just a general question. Making out isn’t cheating if you regret it after, right?

I mean, I’m pretty sure its not, but I just wanted to make sure. Not that I did it or anything, but what if another guy was being really sweet, and really cool, and he was hurting because he just got out of a serious relationship twice last year, so if I made out with him and then he turned out to be a lying jerk later, it doesn’t count, right?

Because if I could go back in time and stop myself from fooling around with him at the bus stop at 2am after we both had a couple of Jager Bombs, I totally would. But, like, science hasn’t gotten that far yet, and thats not my fault. So I didn’t cheat, right? Not that it happened, I’m just being hyperthetical.

The person who could solve global warmings could be in there needing TLC right now!

And what if making out with him helped him? Like, he was confused and sad, and making out with him encouraged him not to give up and he became president and cured cancer or something? It would be wrong NOT to do it, right?

I’ve been dating Ian for a long time, and he’s the best. And if he (who I’ve never cheated on just so we’re clear) met a girl whose life was in trouble and the only way to help her was to make out with her I would totally understand. Even if things got crazy a week later in the janitor’s closet at a different bar, I would be cool with it!

I feel better already. Snookie bear, if your reading this right now, I tots love you, and am totally down with cuddling up and watching a movie at you’re place tonight.  I just have something I got to do at around midnight-ish tonight, so I can’t stay too late.

– Tiff ♥

Twilight Glamorizes Getting Pregnant with a Demon Baby

I saw the new Twilight movie: Breaking Dawn part 1, at Byron AMC Cinemas last night with my best girlfriends, and even though I’m, like, a totally huge Twilight fan, along with Gossip Girl, the new 90210 Series, I have some problems with how the movie portrays Kristen Stewart.

See, the movie totally glamorizes women who are pregnant with a demon baby. Having a womb monster is supposed to be traumatic and horrifying, like we saw in Rosemarys Baby, Alien, The Omen, Octomom, and I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, but instead of showing the realities of carrying baby satan, they make Kristen look like she’s living the life of a supermodel.

1st, she’s skinny, gaunt, pale white, I mean, totally hot! I would KILL to be that skinny! Take away the baby bump, and Kristen Stewart could be walking the runways of Paris. That should not be the case with someone about to give birth to the antichrist.

2nd, she’s surrounded by hot men doting on her every need! That’s what happens when your the only girl at the Fantastic X Club downtown and it’s 2am and your wearing something a little slutty, but not when you’re pregnant.

3rd, after she has the baby, instead of having her entire life ruined like what normally happens when people have babies, she actually gets super powers? Lame. Unrealistic. I doubt the next movie will show Bella having to stay home on a saturday night to read it Satan Dr. Seuss books while it spits up blood all over her, instead of going clubbing and making out with boys. That’s irresponsible of Hollywood and Twilight NOT to show these realities. Every time I think of accidentally getting pregnant, even with hottie Robert Pattinson…major shudder.

Anyways, I just thought I’d bring it up, since I’m a pretty big feminist and hate it when women are misrepresented in the media. Like when Charlize Theron had to be fat for that one movie she was in. That was totally not cool of Hollywood.


– Tiffany Kim


  • Mery Astrella, my college tutor and roommate’s brother, may or may not have helped me write this. Which reminds me, I need to get my algebra homework back from him.
  • If I was a Twilight Vampire, I think my super power would be a combination of being able to tell the future like Alice, with the ability to balance the Feng Shui in any room, and to make anyone I want fall in love with me. Yea, that would be PER-fect (:

How did I wake up this morning in a trash can dressed like a sexy bumble bee?

And has anyone seen my heels? Those cost me $250 at Aldo and I’ll pretty sure…oh wait, here’s one next to the fire hydrant over there. Now where’s the other one? Whoa, my head hurts.

Ok, it’s starting to come back to me. I was out with some cute boys dressed as girls for halloween…or maybe they were just ugly girls…it’s still a little fuzzy… but anyways, the one dressed as a mermaid with the hairy chest suggested we go to the mall…or maybe to a bar… then I remember a pumpkin with a [censored] carved into it, silly string, a girl that looked kinda like Kim Kardashian, then flashing lights and cops, and running… crap, where’s Karen? Karen!? Where are you?! And why are there pumpkin seeds in my hair?

Wow, I had such a good time last night. Ouch! Broken glass…

– Tiffany Kim

*certain portions censored by the Office of the Mayor