Speak up, I can’t hear you with my headphones on

There’s something wrong with people today. Like, it happens all of the time, whether I’m taking the bus, walking down the street, or ordering fast food. People just don’t speak loud enough when I have my headphones on.

Not talking loud enough when I’ve got my headphones on? How rude.

It’s a serious problem. I was at the grocery store yesterday, picking up some Bacardi and ice gum, really feeling the Beyonce on my iPod, when the cashier started talking to me. “What?” I said. “Speak up.” He spoke again, but I still couldn’t understand him. After three or four failed tries, I rolled my eyes, pulled out my earbuds and put down my cell phone. He was just asking for my I.D. Jeez, is it really that hard to speak up a little when you’re asking something so simple?

Seriously, people need to be more considerate. It happens all of the time, at home, during class, at the doctor’s office, wherever I go. I even missed most of my sister’s wedding because apparently the bible school the priest went to didn’t teach him how to project, and I couldn’t even hear my Dad give my grandpa’s Eulogy over ‘Tonight We Are Young’ because that dive funeral parlor isn’t competent enough to invest in a good PA system. I mean, come on people, where are your communication skills?

This it the 21st century, ok? It’s time we adjusted to the technology around us and learned to be more courteous in a more technologically advanced society. We need to start thinking about others, like waiting patiently when I interrupt what you’re saying to read and reply to a text from my girlfriends. It’s just good manners.

Can’t stop when I’m in my Ke$ha groove.

Professors, speak up when your students are keeping it real to Ke$ha. Parents, talk to your children with the respect and understanding you would give other adults who are getting a little weepy listening to Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ at full volume. And on the road, be more courteous of drivers wearing their headphones on the highway. You don’t want to be responsible for causing an accident just because you failed to watch their blind spot.

So everyone, be aware, and remember technology etiquette. When you see someone who’s clearly in a major Katy Perry groove or enjoying some Nicki Manaj sing-rapping ‘Starships’ cranked courteously loud enough for everyone on the bus to enjoy, speak up, lean in a bit closer, and use hand signals if necessary. Anything to help the other person understand what you’re saying. It will makes the world better for everyone.


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