This Words With Friends game just got weird

Ever play a game of Words With Friends and feel like the other player is sending you hidden messages through the words?

Ok, so I love playing Words With Friends on my iPhone. It combines my two loves, being social, and like, writing and stuff. Anyways, here’s what happened. I’m playing a “random player” game, and everything is normal, until suddenly this stranger plays the word “hot.” Is that just a coincidence, or is he calling me hot? I haven’t texted him pictures of myself doing a kissy face that makes me look skinny like I normally do when I flirt, so I’m not sure.

So then I play the word “true” just in case it was a question so I could let him know that he’s right, I am hot. He then plays the word, “date.”  Ok, now I know he’s definitely hitting on me, but now what? He knows I’m hot, but is he hot, too? I don’t know and don’t have the letters to ask!

I decide to do what Wendy Williams said last week on her show and just go for it. I play “yes” and then wait. His next move is where things get weird. He plays “follow.” Follow? What is that supposed to mean? Does this guy want me to follow him somewhere? Is it the name of a really cool bar in the next city over that I haven’t heard of yet??? Or is he following me?! Is he a stalker?!

My next move is “um”, as in “Um, hello?” so he knows I am confused and he better step up his game cuz he’s losing me fast. Then his next move totally throws me. He plays, “duck.” Ok, is this some freaky stalker guy with a fetish for ducks? Did he mean to play a dirty word but didn’t have the letters? Either way, this guy is officially creeping me out big time. I pass on my next turn as a way to say “Homie, I’m passing on you, you blew it.” Then he totally loses his mind and freaks me out with his next move. He plays “outward”. I jump up, turn off the lights, call the cops, and hide under my table for 10 minutes until the cops arrive.

They say they didn’t see anyone outside. He got away! I show them my Words With Friends game and try to explain everything. The cops just give me a weird look and say they’ll keep an eye out. Psst, so much for law enforcement in this town. Soooo not like CSI. I swear, this happens to me every time I put myself out there! Dating sucks.

I told my bestie Stacy about it after, and she asked me why I didn’t just use the chat function in Words With Friends to ask him if he was hitting on me. I rolled my eyes. That totally would have killed the mood. Stacy doesn’t understand flirting at all.


6 thoughts on “This Words With Friends game just got weird

  1. I’ve been getting several ‘new’ player requests from guys. They always send a message like ‘hi how are you today?’ It ends up getting creepy as they insist on chatting-ask for a phone number (even though I say I’m married). When I don’t respond to their liking-they resign. Weirdos!?

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