What is Byron City REALLY? ***Spoilers

Are you sure you want the spoiler? Alright…

Byron City is a blog written by fictional people in a fictional town. All the characters and articles are created and written by only one person. The blog is kind of like a living, breathing novel in blog form. Or a cross between a sitcom and a blog.

Byron City is designed to look as much like a genuine small town blog as possible. So bad design and typos are purposefully built in. The writer occasionally gets his comedian and writer friends to guest write for Byron City.

There are two types of posts: storyline posts and random posts. Random posts are articles that anyone can read at anytime without any backstory. Storyline posts follow the latest big story going on in Byron City and are typically for the regular readers and subscribers.

The writer currently works as a humorist and comedian in New York City. You may contact him via the mayor’s email address at mayorchuckbarther@gmail.com.


One thought on “What is Byron City REALLY? ***Spoilers

  1. Oh no you don’t! This place is real….just like every small town I’ve ever lived in/visited/gotten ticketed by the local sheriff while passing through.

    Good try, though, Mayor Chuck.

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