Our Mayor

Mayor Charles “Chuck” Barther

Mayor Charles "Chuck" Barther

Mayor Charles “Chuck” Barther

Council member, 2010-2012, re-elected March 2013

Info: Beloved Mayor of Byron City. Elected originally on campaign slogan, “No, I’m not going to do that.” He helped establish order and the quiet life of Byron City before resigning due to scandal in 2012, only to be re-elected in 2013 due to his replacement Mayor being so horrible. Learned to play Bocci during resignation period. Hates the Internet.


Deputy Mayor Brian R. Havig


Council member, 1992-present

Info: Founding member of high school A Capella group, novice novel writer, proud father of black Bombay cat, Mr. Mistoffelees, competitive Rubix cube solver, largest Star Wars toy collection in the city, refuses to ever read the Harry Potter series, dreams of one day owning a motorcycle.




City Council Member Laurel Sandberg-Armstrong


Council member, 2005-present

Info: Sporadic blogger, hair is completely natural, originally wanted to be a dragon or a sorceress when she grew up, hates the Twilight series, loves the Harry Potter series, plays 16-bit video games in spare time, bakes delicious and highly edible gluten-free cookies, currently wants to be either a ninja or a Night Elf when she “grows up.”


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