Calendar of Events

martin_luther_jr_01Martin Luther King Jr. Acknowledgement Day
Come join us at Town Hall for food and fun as we celebrate racial equality, now in its fifth year in Byron City.
When: Monday Jan 21 at 9am
Where: Town Hall


groundhogGroundhog Day Festival
We have a real live groundhog! And he’ll be predicting the weather of Byron City at this early morning City Festival! Free coffee with healthy bagels dipped in all the cream cheese your heart desires!
When: Saturday Feb 2, from 7am to 10am
Where: Moons Field

Valentine DayValentine’s Day Ball
Since we had to share last year’s Valentine’s Day Ball with the Byron City Republican  Caucus, this year’s dance should be even bigger and better! Dinner, dancing and romance. Until midnight.
When: Thursday February 14 from 8pm to Midnight
Where: Byron City Rec Center



President’s Day Street Fair

presidents of the united states

Celebrate our greatest US Presidents, including Washington, Lincoln, and George W. Bush. Food, music, crafts and more! Don’t forget to visit the stand-up comedy booth, The Laugh Tent, and the ever-popular Gun Nook, where semi-automatic hand guns are always half price.
When: Monday February 18 from 8pm to Midnight
Where: Byron City Rec Center

sober st patricks dayNon-Alcoholic St. Patrick’s Day Festival
It’s back! The second annual Non-Alcoholic St. Patrick’s Day celebration! Good ol’ Irish fun without the shenanigans. Plenty of ice cream, board games, and if you must, nonalcoholic green beer!
When: Sunday March 17th  from 11am to sundown
Where: Moon’s Field

EasterEggHunt Children’s Easter Egg Hunt
Celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord by finding colorful chocolate-filled eggs hidden in a garden! Event happening at the Garden park near the Super 8 Hotel.
When: Saturday March 30th, 10am – 12pm
Where: Garden Park near Super 8 Hotel


earth day hippieEarth Day Concert
Our liberal left-leaning citizens are going to throw some sort of party celebrating earth and wishing we didn’t live in a comfortable modern society with gas-run cars and electricity. They’ll do it by having a concert using lots of electricity and paper plates and cups. Looks like your little party is going to back-fire.
When: Monday April 22nd,  5pm – 11pm
Where: Moon’s Field

I love momMother’s Day Fair
Celebrate mother’s day the way she would want! There will be breakfast in bed stations, a booth to write your mom a thoughtful hand-written note, a booth where you can apply to law school like she’s been asking you to do since you graduated, and a sound-proof booth where she can get some peace and quiet for once.
When: Saturday May 11th, 10am – 5pm
Where: Main Street in front of Town Hall


memorial dayMemorial Day BBQ
Freedom isn’t free! Come remember those who sacrificed everything for you and me with endless meat, beer, mini flags, and soda for the kids!
When: Monday May 27th at noon
Where: Moon’s Field


parade of american flagsFlag Day Parade
Wake the kids up early and save your spot on the parade route on Main Street! They won’t want to miss Grandpa marching with processions of other veterans, decorative patriotic floats, and real sparklers!
When: Friday June 14th, 9am
Where: Main Street, starting at Kaspersky Drive ending in front of Town Hall.

fireworks showIndependence Day Fireworks Show
Boom! Pow! Bang! OooOOoooOO! Awww! With dozens of different colors and effects, this year’s firework display promises to be the best one ever! With music played by Byron City High’s own marching band. God Bless America!
When: Thursday July 4th, appx. 8:30pm
Where: Display will be lit at Moon’s Field

summer water gamesDogs Days of Summer Water Games Festival
Has the high temperature got you down? Bored kids at home complaining that there’s nothing to do? Out of work husband who just won’t get off the couch? Come shake off the dog days of summer with free water games and snowcones, and a water magic show by Byron City’s own illusionist David X-cess!
When: Saturday August 17, 11am to 4pm, magic show at 2pm
Where: Moon’s Field



13 thoughts on “Calendar of Events

  1. I don’t see the Byron Turkey Trot. The church has been organizing this for the last five months, I’d hope the city blog would put the Turkey Trot on the list of events. The Gazette’s been advertising the Turkey Trot since August.

    • Due to the firearms mishaps of last year, the Turkey Trot is still in planning, and will not officially be scheduled until certain safety standards can be reached. This includes a number of possible changes, including changing the name from Turkey Trot to Thanksgiving Fun Run and prohibiting children from dressing like turkeys, so as not to once again confuse certain over-inebriated hunters.

      – Office of the Mayor

  2. Ah hell let the kids dress up, Chuck. Don’t be such a stickler. Especially because the party store’s got a sale on turkey costumes all the way through October. You can’t expect the citizens to ignore all that. We’ll hand out life jackets for kids to wear under their costumes. Problem solved.

  3. We tried limiting the amount of alcohol consumed by the public when I was on the council a few years back. That led to the Riot of ’05. A total of 2 store windows were broken and a parking meter scuffed as a result, causing nearly $500 in city damages.

    However, Peggy, we will consider your life jacket idea, which would also double as a safety measure during Bobbing for Apples. Kill two birds with one stone there.

    • Frank Tappin offered to give us some of his life jackets from his old boat. The buckles don’t work, but he said they should be sturdy enough.

  4. Your “town” sounds like a hoot……..not sure where it is though. May like to visit it sometime……but I would have to be drunk. Is this one of those western towns where they eat the balls of large mammals?

    • @trueyankeerambler: Our town is in the heart of American. We’d love to have you visit, but keep the drunken hooliganisms to yourself. No, we do not eat the balls of large mammals. I assume you’re referring to Rocky Mountain Oysters. We don’t eat regular oysters, much less ones from the Rockies. Thank you for your interest in our city.

      – Office of the Mayor

      • I’m over 50……….do you allow “early bird special” drunken hooliganism in your upscale Midwestern metropolis? I could have my fill of the local fried (insert animal specie & edible component here) platter and be reasonably blitzed and off the streets by 5:30 pm… Please advise so I can arrange satisfactory accommodations upon arrival in Petticoat Junction. Or should I take the road to Mount Pilot?

  5. Life jackets won’t stop bullets, right? We’ll want to avoid kiddie casualties after the fatal hunting season last year. We need to get those kids bulletproof vests to go under their feathers.

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