Do these nerd glasses make me look hot?

Remember when thick nerdy glasses used to be not cool? Well now they ARE cool! Which is soooo cool. Girls who wear thick nerd glasses when they don’t need them is totally hot. It makes them look cute but quirky, smart, creative, skinnier, urban, fashionable, and like they don’t care what they look like, all at the same time! And now I’m finally one of them! I found these thick black glasses at a vintage store and OMG I screamed when I saw them! They totally make my face look skinner, and make me look hip and smart:

They’re fake lenses so I still need to wear my colored contacts, but totally hot, right? I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, since I’ve been seeing quite a few girls and celebrities doing it. No, not like Sarah Fey or Tina Palin. Like Zooey Deschanel and Snookie!  Here are some examples:

Anne hathaway! I love hurr!

The hottest celebs are doing it.

LOL, tots Vogue.

Yea, you got it goin' on, gurl!

Tearin' this party uuup!

Wow, avante guard. I'm impressed!

She's cute but quirky! And artsy!

This actually looks like a cool nerd next to an actual nerd. Ew.

Meshin' the nerd look with urban stylz!

Nerd glasses AND her lip is pierced?! Better not mess with this girl. She's deep yet troubled.

Oooh! THOSE nerd glasses are studded! Hot!

So yea, wearing nerd glasses is totally hot, and now I’m tots doing the nerd glasses thang. But I’ll probably stop as soon as it gets trendy. It seems like I always pick things up just before they become popular. Coincidence?

Also, I’m thinking of starting my own fashion blog, featuring me wearing all my cutest outfits! I think I’ll call it “Tiffany Couture” or “Tiffany’s Runway” or “What’s On Tiffany?”. What do you all think?

-Tiff ♡