I’m not mad, this is just the face I make when talking to a crazy person

You look at my face, and you can tell something is wrong. “Are you mad?” you ask? No, this is just the face I make when I’m talking to a crazy person.

You may have first noticed it when you told me how much you laughed during Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection. Or when you told me how much you enjoy going to poetry open mics. Or that you’re voting for Obama because he’s “cool.” You may not have noticed when I make it every time you post the latest meal you ate on Facebook. Or tell me you’re going to start your own fashion blog. Or complain that guys at dance clubs don’t take you seriously.

Yea, I’ve made that face a lot since I’ve known you.

I was making that face when you asked me for a ride home, which I agreed to, then asked if your three friends could get rides, too, since I was already on the way, and then I ended up helping them move a sleeper sofa and TV from your place to theirs in the back of my Camero. Even if I wasn’t expressing it, I was thinking it.

I make that face every time you complain about how you’re tired of people staring at you all of the time because of how good looking you are. Or when you SWORE to me that you are honestly attracted to boring, responsible men and not that penniless guitar player from the party you went home with.

But it’s not just you. I make this face at a lot of people. Like anytime I see a girl carrying a dog in a purse. Or when I see guys who are sure that sending a pic of his junk is the fastest way to win a girl’s heart. Or when I talk to that college drop-out working the Clinique counter who thinks everyone around her is stupid. Or when I see those people who protest about not having jobs by sitting in a park doing nothing all day but making clever anti-establishment signs.

Oh yea. They get the look big time.

I have other looks you might have seen, too.  The “I’m scared but will smile to hide it” look, the “Did that really just happen? Really?” look, and the “This is going to be a long, long day,” look. I’m sure you’ve seen those looks, too. But lately the “crazy person” look has been the most frequent.

My mom told me that if you make a funny face too much, it’ll stick that way. Living in this world, she may be right.


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