Twilight Glamorizes Getting Pregnant with a Demon Baby

I saw the new Twilight movie: Breaking Dawn part 1, at Byron AMC Cinemas last night with my best girlfriends, and even though I’m, like, a totally huge Twilight fan, along with Gossip Girl, the new 90210 Series, I have some problems with how the movie portrays Kristen Stewart.

See, the movie totally glamorizes women who are pregnant with a demon baby. Having a womb monster is supposed to be traumatic and horrifying, like we saw in Rosemarys Baby, Alien, The Omen, Octomom, and I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, but instead of showing the realities of carrying baby satan, they make Kristen look like she’s living the life of a supermodel.

1st, she’s skinny, gaunt, pale white, I mean, totally hot! I would KILL to be that skinny! Take away the baby bump, and Kristen Stewart could be walking the runways of Paris. That should not be the case with someone about to give birth to the antichrist.

2nd, she’s surrounded by hot men doting on her every need! That’s what happens when your the only girl at the Fantastic X Club downtown and it’s 2am and your wearing something a little slutty, but not when you’re pregnant.

3rd, after she has the baby, instead of having her entire life ruined like what normally happens when people have babies, she actually gets super powers? Lame. Unrealistic. I doubt the next movie will show Bella having to stay home on a saturday night to read it Satan Dr. Seuss books while it spits up blood all over her, instead of going clubbing and making out with boys. That’s irresponsible of Hollywood and Twilight NOT to show these realities. Every time I think of accidentally getting pregnant, even with hottie Robert Pattinson…major shudder.

Anyways, I just thought I’d bring it up, since I’m a pretty big feminist and hate it when women are misrepresented in the media. Like when Charlize Theron had to be fat for that one movie she was in. That was totally not cool of Hollywood.


– Tiffany Kim


  • Mery Astrella, my college tutor and roommate’s brother, may or may not have helped me write this. Which reminds me, I need to get my algebra homework back from him.
  • If I was a Twilight Vampire, I think my super power would be a combination of being able to tell the future like Alice, with the ability to balance the Feng Shui in any room, and to make anyone I want fall in love with me. Yea, that would be PER-fect (:

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