Some thoughts on the Kardashians

I have noticed that some people, not me, are talking about this Kim Kardashian.

Is that how you spell it? Anyway, I’ve heard that she has divorced her husband after only two and a half months of marriage. As head of the Byron PTA, a treasurer for Byron’s Women of Today, and as a Christian, I feel a need to speak up about this.

Now, I don’t watch much TV because I think most programs are trash, but I have been noticing a lack of good examples in the media and so I thought I’d start my own list of fun and exciting people that our children can look up to.

1. Ronald Reagan

Ronald is one cool cat. He wasn’t just some old fuddy-duddy president. He was an actor. And he was a Presbyterian. What a cool dude!

2. Stephenie Meyer

Miss Meyer wrote a series of books called the Twilight Saga. You’ll notice that there is no swearing, crude innuendos, and the two main characters refrain from intimacy until they’re married. Plus, they’re so fun to read!!! I finished all four books in two days. Parents, you can feel safe letting your ten year old daughters read what this awesome lady writes. And who knows? Your boys might even like it too! I know mine do.

3. Lindsay Lohan

You remember the cute little girl from The Parent Trap? My kids tell me she’s even more famous now! How wonderful for your children to see that good kids can star in good movies and grow up to be famous actors! I vote we all try to be more like Ms. Lohan and stand for good in the media.