Whoa! These leaves were dragons a minute ago…

*note from admin: expletives removed

Did anyone see the leaves yesterday?! I was like, “Whoa! These leaves are incredible!” I mean, normally in the fall the leaves fall and…oh [snap]*, that’s why they call it fall, huh?! My mind just got blown…anyways, normally when the leaves fall, they are and orange and yellow and pink and stuff, but this time things were, like, waaaaaay different. Here, I took pictures.

Huh, that’s weird, this one looks different than I remember. When I took this, I swear that out of the  red and green blending colors there was a dragon head spitting fire at me and speaking a language I couldn’t understand, but now it just looks like a normal, boring leaf. I’m not sure what happened.

Ok, this is totally NOT the leaf I took a picture of. The leaf I remember had just fallen into a puddle, and when it did, it created these rolling waves of incredible colors, colors that I didn’t even know existed, that gradually turned from water into hot dog buns. It was so intense I wrote a song about it for my newest album and posted it to Facebook for all my fans to listen to.

Now I’m [super]* [not happy]*! When I picked this one up, it was a baby yellow dwarf magician leaf that was separated from his family, and he said if I helped him get back to his home in the sky, he would grant me a a single wish. I spent nearly an hour trying to climb that [darn]* tree for him, and now the magic wand I wished for isn’t even working. And the pic I took of his castle just looks like a cloud! I’m way confused.

Oh good, this pic looks normal. This is a leaf with a city of translucent minifish living on top of it. I’m glad that turned out and that I caught it before it changed into a toad and hopped away.

I’m [super]* pissed the rest didn’t turn out. This is like the chupacabra thing all over again.

– Brandon Zequera


4 thoughts on “Whoa! These leaves were dragons a minute ago…

  1. Totally! I’d love to see them. Maybe tonight at Devils and Kings Lounge? I’m playing tonight and then after we can hang. I usually get free drinks. You and your husband still cool or what?

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