The Olympics Make Me Worry

Well, the 2012 Olympics in London are finally over, which makes me very glad because now I can stop worrying. For example, the first event I watched was a swimming competition and the whole time I was just a bundle of nerves. Where did they put their shoes? Is someone watching for them or did they just forget them around the corner? And do their mother’s have a good seat? Can they see ok? What if her child needs help, can she go to the poolside and help?

Aren’t they cold when they first get out of the water? Is the water warm enough to keep them from getting sick? Who’s making sure they get snacks? Are they remembering to wait 30min to swim after they eat their snacks?

He just looks so scared, poor thing!

What a mess! My word, I could hardly sleep these past few weeks. London is a very pretty city, but it did not do a very good job of taking care of their athletes.

Without help, these dear athletes started to run amok, bless their hearts. I saw a weightlifter who forgot to introduce himself to the other athletes in the room, a diver who didn’t hold onto both handrails on the way up the diving board, and a gymnast who had an ugly frown on her face the entire event. Our standards in this country are shrinking, I’m afraid.

Isn’t anyone looking out for these young people?

The track races made me upset, too. We all cheer for the winner, but doesn’t the person who finishes last feel bad? I’m sure they worked very hard to make it to the Olympics and deserve a cheer or two just for that. Instead they put their head down and cry and slowly walk off of the track and forget to wash their hands or put on their seat belt  and don’t notice there’s a lot of food on the table and they shouldn’t just eat one thing all of the time but should at least try all the different foods so they can have a balanced meal! I mean, honestly…

I felt so bad for McKayla Maroney, she did so well and was so upset that she only got silver. I know she fell during her final routine, but it was an innocent mistake. Why don’t we just call them all champions for a job well done? They all deserve a gold medal and a big hug and to sit in the front seat of the car on the way home.

I don’t like that Michael Phelps, though, because he’s a pot-head. And there should be more police around to keep an eye on the black athletes.

I have to go. I just discovered my pee is yellow and need to call my doctor.


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