Daylight Savings Time Decorating Tips

It’s Daylight Savings time on Sunday! The day where we “Spring Forward” into warmer weather and sunnier days.

You no doubt, like our family, gather around all the clocks in your home and at 2am turn the clocks back together. It’s wonderful family bonding time as you sing songs, exchange gifts, call family members who live far away, and more! But some of you may be wondering what you can do for your own Daylight Savings party. Thankfully, I’m a holiday decoration pro, so I’m taking the liberty of divulging some of my decorating secrets (Byron City citizen’s only, hehe) and my family’s favorite activities that will make this Daylight Savings Time your finest hour 🙂

Daylight Savings Time Decorating Tips:

1- Put clock hands on a disco ball. It looks like a clock, but way more fun!
2- Serve special daylight savings time “Clocktails” out of emptied hour glasses.*
3- Draw clock hands on your eyeglasses or sunglasses**
4- Serve “Hour d’oeuvres”, little snacks that have something to do with time, like minute rice shaped like digital watches, clock tarts, hour bars, Spring rolls, etc. Be creative!
5- Hand out miniture clocks as party favors to count down to the big event.***

Daylight Savings Time Activities:

1- Hold a Three-legged “Spring Forward” Race. Same as a three legged race, but you have to jump!****
2-Hide alarms all over your home to go off at random times during the night to keep your family members on their toes!*****

Our family's bundle of Daylight Savings Time resolutions from last year.

3- Write Daylight Savings resolutions on festive red scrolls,, bind them all together, and put a clock on the front that counts down to the deadline to complete your resolutions.******
4- “Daylight Savings Pictionary”: a twist on the classic party game, where you draw pictures that correspond to different hours of the day. For example, a sandwich might be noon, a car in traffic might be 9am or 6pm, a glass of wine might be 10am, jogging might be 11pm, knitting by the window might be 3am, etc.
5- “Spin the Clock”: it’s like Spin the Bottle, but instead of kissing the person the bottle points to, you give them a list of chores you want them to do and a time limit on completing them!*******

That’s it! Hope you have fun!

*They are actually extremely difficult to drink out of without spilling all over yourself. Be careful.
**Can cause headaches, nausea, and astigmatism
***Make sure your guests do not confuse the party favors and the minute rice Hour d’oeuvres.
****Can cause broken legs, ankles, and head injuries. Practice and stretch beforehand.
*****Remember where you put all of the alarm clocks. One went off every ten minutes for 8 days before we found it inside the airducts.
*******Do not take on an airplane.

*******Can be played without your family knowing that you’re and including them. In fact, the whole party can be done against their will! It’s fun!


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