Announcing Byron City’s First Annual Dog Show!

Hi Byron City! I’m super excited to announce Byron City’s first ever dog show! I’ve been planning and organizing with my best friend Evan for months, and after making the manager of the rec center a plate of brownies, giving his wife a free makeover, promising not to vote for “that muslim Osama Bin Obama,” spending an hour looking at his collection of fishing lures, and retrieving a mysterious red box from under the oldest oak tree in the Byron Grove outside of town while agreeing not to look at its contents, he agreed to lease the space, so it’s officially set!

The show will happen April 7th, only giving you a month to prepare, so don’t wait! We’ve booked the Byron City Rec Center so there will be plenty of space, and registration is only $20.

To inspire you all, here are some pictures of some cute puppies! Some are from my salon, and some I just found on the internet! I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed posting them!


Look how cute Princess Purty is with a bow in her hair! Gorgeous but oh so bashful, tehe!


Uh oh! Looks like Freckles didn’t like his bath :p


Here’s my favorite lil’ puppy Donut in his raincoat! Rainy days don’t get him down, lol.


Eek! Donut also has political aspirations! Hail to the woof! 😀


Oh no he didn’t! Is that puppy wearing a wig?! Trump dog says, “You’re fire-hydrant’ed” Hahaha…Ak! I’m about to die of cuteness!


OMGosh! Is that puppy wearing slippers of himself?!!! You’re so cute I want to poke your eyes out!!!


Aw! The puppy thinks your music is too loud! xP I’m getting overwhelmed!  I just want to squeeze you so hard and throw you out a window you’re so gosh darn adorable!!!!!


“But mommy, my big ol’ eyes are too heavy for my widdle face!” Ak! Too adorable! I’m pulling my hair out and eating it this is so cute!!!!!!!


Psssh. Photoshopped.


And just for fun, a kitty in a wine glass! How did you get in there, you little rascal! Mommy loves you! Mommy wuvs you so much her fingewrs are starewting ton ggo numbs!!!


That’s it! See you all at the dog show!


*thanks to whoever I stole this pictures from and to


10 thoughts on “Announcing Byron City’s First Annual Dog Show!

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  4. What is it with dogs perching on cocuhes like cats? My beagle used to do the same thing! Until she fell off one day and I guess it was tramatic enough to scare her from doing it again. And no, I did not push her. John did. She’s fine now. And even lets him pet her..

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