Ask the Mayor Anything!

It’s time for the annual Ask the Mayor Anything town hall, where citizens from Byron City gather for a general meeting to ask our Mayor about any city-related topics.

Mayor of Byron CityWith the republican primary caucus coming up, and Mayor Chuck’s general dislike of meetings, talking to people, and “answering stupid questions,” we thought this would be a great time to use the city blog to have the discussion online! We set up Mayor Chuck with his first ever email address this morning, so he’s ready to go!

To ask Mayor Chuck a question, simply email him at He’ll then answer most if not all of them right here on the blog! It can be about anything, but those related to Byron City will be answered first.

Most common questions from past Town Halls:

  • When will the potholes on Baseline Road be fixed?
  • Why does the stop light on Warren and Jeb Streets just blink red late at night?
  • General concerns about “the amount of latinos” moving into Byron City South.
  • Why doesn’t the mall doesn’t have more handicap parking spaces?
  • Where does the federal government hide the aliens that land in Byron City?
  • Is water from Crazy Leg Springs turning people gay?
  • Methods on combating Pres. Obama’s socialist agenda
  • Progress on finding Barak Obama’s REAL birthplace
  • General complaints about Barak Obama
  • City laws regarding the building of personal underground tunnels and shelters

Ask the Mayor Anything!


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