The Market’s Yogurt Selection Has Improved Lately

Has anyone else noticed that the yogurt selection at the supermarket has improved recently? It’s about time. I was starting to get worried.

I do my shopping there every Wednesday and Saturday morning at 7am, and I always find their selection very disappointing. They usually only had the standard brands: Activia, Cabot, Danon, Yoplait, Yoplait Light, Yoplait Whips, Yoplait Thick and Creamy, La Yogurt, Horizon, and then gross kids yogurt, like Trix, Sprinkl’ins, Splatz (yuck), GoGurt that comes in a tube that you squirt into your mouth (good heavens). I even saw yogurt that glows in the dark. What in the world?!

But now it has all changed!

It's about time!

Now the supermarket carries Chobani, Stoneyfield Farm, MariGold, White Rose, and Breyers! Breyers makes ice cream and now they are making Yogurt? Are you puling my leg? Tell me I’m not dreaming! I feel naughty just buying it, haha.

They even have a brand called Greek Gods, but I don’t know about that. Maybe one day when I’m feeling adventurous I’ll try it. It’s on my bucket list, along with trying that fancy whole grain bread.

I’m happy that their manager finally got the memo. The yogurt memo I’ve been hand-writing and putting under his door each visit even though they’ve told me repeatedly that customers aren’t allowed back there. Thank you, Mr. Clark. Now that that’s resolved, I’d still like to talk to you about the location of your pasta sauces.


129 thoughts on “The Market’s Yogurt Selection Has Improved Lately

  1. I live in a country called Malaysia. In Malaysia, our yogurt selection is truly bad, unless you’re a kid. Unless you’re a kid in Malaysia, you won’t be seeing yogurts other than Nestle. Sometimes, that makes me mad since I once lived in the States and tried various yogurt that lifts me off my feet. Hmmm…Wish I could eat good yogurt. I truly miss them.

      • Interesting Emma…I never heard of a yogurt maker, but maybe I’ll look that up. I love yogurt and especially the healthier ones, just plain with no artificial flavors and made from whole milk with all the fat which I believe is much healthier than any of the reduced, non, low, 1% and 2% fat yogurt. In the countries I’ve been to, I think they have some of the healthiest yogurts, especially since they make yogurt a part of their diet regularly, especially drinking yogurt. Back home, the yogurt selections are pretty bad. So, I have to search different stores for plain whole milk yogurt. I prefer to add my own sweetener, like honey, and other things, like fruit or all-fruit. I also like drinking yogurt ( called ‘laban’ in the Middle East) and can drink it plain or flavored.

  2. I ❤ Chobani. I recently started buying Greek yogurt instead of the Yoplait Light junk I used to buy. Better taste, no fake sugar, more protein.

    On another note, if Greek yogurt and whole grain bread are examples of things on your bucket list, you might want to consider branching out a little. Ha ha. Go get a tattoo or jump out of a plane or something.

  3. I’m a reluctant yogurt eater. I know it’s good for me, and I know I should eat it — but the whole “live bacteria” thing kinda creeps me out.

    So yes: Breyer’s making yogurt may just make me a convert.

    Now if only they could make a cherry vanilla yogurt that tastes JUST LIKE the ice cream!


  4. I’ve noticed that too around where I live. So many choices! Particularly with the Greek style yogurts. I think that is the latest fad in yogurt styles. They have way too much protein in them and fats as far as I am concerned. Nobody needs 22gms of protein in a serving of yogurt. My favorites are Stonyfield Farm and Brown Cow. They are soooo creamy!

  5. I haven’t seen White Rose or Breyers (I can’t wait until I do!! 😛 ), but I love Chobani and Greek Gods (or Goddess?). Plus you get a good serving of protein rather then carbo loads of sugar. Yay!
    We definitely need more people that voice what they want to see in grocery stores. You inspire me. 🙂

  6. I’ve never tried Chobani, but Stonyfield Farm is organic and everything they stand for is amazing. To be honest, I’ll always have a soft spot for Trix yogurt. The triple cherry, while marketed at children, is pretty awesome.

  7. Saw the image Chobani yogurt containers, and I had to click. Happy to hear that your yogurt world has improved. I cannot start the day without my Chobani…especially the blueberry, and pineapple. YUM.

    • Yes, pineapple’s my favorite Chobani flavor…but, honestly, I love everything Chobani. By the way, yogurt is considered to be a super food, it’s super-healthy, and even people who are lactose intolerant (like me!) can eat Greek yogurt–since it’s strained for the creamy texture, most of the lactose goes out with the water. So mix plain Greek yogurt with another super food, 100% pure pumpkin, and you have a powerhouse of a snack!

  8. Yes I have switched to Chobani (will test out Oikos, which is Stonyfield I believe). Even though they are twice the price, the texture and nutritional value win out. Will not go back to the whipped blends – well maybe once in a while, when I crave key lime pie Yoplait.

  9. Hey!
    I felt the urge to reply… That’s how it is in the Balkans when you see your name somewhere.
    Chobani is actually a name by which the people in the Balkans call the aromanians. It means “shepherd” in Aromanian and Romanian. They also call them vlahs (or cutso-vlahs – limping vlahs), tsintsari.
    They are a neo-latin cultural goup living in the southern Balkans, closely related to the Romanians.
    Just an ethnical pill from the place where you’ve got as many ethnic groups on a square meter, as many yogurt brands in the dairy isle and they each have just as many names.

  10. Fun Fact… Breyers is actually the best kind of ice cream to eat. I read somewhere it packs fewer calories per serving than other leading brands and still tastes delicious- and I am not talking about the reduced fat one! So I am sure their yogurt will be just as good for you too!

  11. I wish they’d do the same at our supermarket. The only full fat yoghurt we can usually get is Yeo Valley, which is very nice but kind of expensive, being organic.

  12. Chobani has recently entered the Australian market and I’m really enjoying it, even in baking as a great butter substitute. Glow in the dark yoghurt?? My goodness! Hang on, do you get to glow in the dark after ingesting it too? Now THAT would be somewhat cool! PS Congrats on being FP!

  13. Ha. This is a great post. I was actually just talking about how overwhelming it is to look at the large variety of yogurts offered here in New York City, depending on where you shop. I am a bit overwhelmed by all of the new options, and your post makes me think of the new commercial on television where the little girl is told to get “one of each” and vanishes away from her mom in the yogurt aisle. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love the Chobani Greek brand the best….the only thing is that Pineapple is my fave and I can’t seem to get my hands on it since I fell in love with it the first time. LOL!

  15. Sorry, but are you serious? Yogurt is a dangerous and sometime lethal product. It is teeming with bacteria and is a sticky gooey mess. Just the taste of it should be enough to warn people, but NO… they go and eat more of the stuff and then go as far as petition the store for more choices.

  16. I think the selection is due to the increasing popularity of yogurt–especially Greek yogurt– as a health food item. Either by itself, with certain topping, or used as a healthier substitute in rich recipes, yogurt has come a long way.

  17. Thank you for sharing this. It’s a good reminder that we have a voice and we should use it. It’s letting the owners know that you won’t buy the mass marketed items and that you want quality. It always makes me so sad, but irritated when a tried and true product is removed and replaced with something with too many bells and whistles. Extra calcium or Vit C added. Or they will fill the shelf with all the new flavor of the months, but not have the tradtional one.

    Well, I could rant and rave, but I won’t.

    Keep writing,


  18. Pasta sauces LOL. Haven’t we all had the problem. In Sydney it’s getting worse though because there are only two large retailers of groceries. They also do liquor and fuel. Can you imagine what that means? Now they are putting their own brands in which are almost always made cheaply in asia somewhere. They are removing name brands completely leaving only the store brands. The store brands are almost always revolting and 3rd rate. No doubt they’ll get around to yoghurt

  19. Have you also noticed that the flavors of such yogurts are also improving? Some flavors some people come up with – most of which I’ve never even heard of – are becoming more noticeable by the day. Great post, by the way!

  20. I have been eating Greek yogurt for the past 12 years and can’t believe how long it took the other companies to catch on. I love Fage and now Chiobani. Fage did it first and I love companies that start a trend so will stick with them. Nice post!

  21. I enjoy Chobani yogurt very much and find it a healthier alternative to other yogurts that have HFCS, corn syrups, or artificial sweeteners. Also I have this is a fine introduction to the Greek-style yogurts that are out. As for squeezable yogurts, no thanks, and leave the sprinkles and additives to ice cream, sundaes, cookies, and other soda fountain and bakery sweets. Thanks from Divi.

  22. i love yogurts… but i seldom buy those in the supermarket but instead i go for those fro-yo (frozen yogurts) at the mall.. they offer 98% fat free (as they say) yogurt with your choices of toppings of fresh fruits, nuts, cereals, sprinkles, etc. which my kids also enjoy. But i do prefer to eat it without toppings.. well occasionally i love some toppings of nuts..

  23. The Yogurt selection has improved but I which they would make more soy options of their products. I tasted a soy one from what I think was Stonyfield Farm and it tasted nasty to me. I love Yoplat Light and Fage (with Honey) greek yogurt but sadly it bloats my stomach because I’m lactose intolerant.

  24. Wow, really, Breyers makes yogurt?!
    Then again, so does Tillamook (yum), but Tillamook also makes cheese…and ice cream!

    I really like the Cascadian Fresh yogurt. That’s what I usually get

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  26. I love eating Yoplait yogurt but their containers are deceptively small. The next time you’re in a grocery store, grab a container of Yoplait and flip it over. The “actual” bottom of the container sits on top of a large plastic ridge. This is a very sneaky way to sell customers less yogurt.The tapered design is also a culprit. It sends a subconscious “slimming” message, but it also means less yogurt!

    Another one of my pet peeves involving yogurt…why do yogurt commercials specifically target women? Is it because yogurt is considered diet-friendly, and most women are on a perpetual diet? In the United States, there are more overweight men than overweight women, and yet most diet foods and weight loss commercials target women. This is society’s subtle way of telling women that their worth is determined by their weight.

  27. Fage (pronounced “fa-yeh”) is incomparable in terms of texture and flavor and has been around since 1926. The sugar / acid balance is perfect, and while the classic plain yogurt is the one we typically purchase, one with Greek honey is sublime. I first had it in Athens in 2002 and it forever changed yogurt for me. No more thin and cloying impostors! Now that you have convinced your local market to carry real yogurt, can you and all of my WordPress friends above help me get to work on the airlines? We want real food in the air, too.

  28. Only problem is that much of the yogurt in stores has far to much sugar in it. I usually go with plain Greek Yogurt and add fruit to it!!! So Good and healthy!

  29. I completely agree, the yogurt is becoming advanced! However, Chobani is high in sugar and was actually rated a c- on the iphone fooducate application. In this app, it reads the barcode and shows you what it would rate the foods based on the sugar, carbs, salt, calories.. etc and it told me that to find a yogurt that has all of the health benefits.. one should eat FAGE. (Dr.OZ also recommends it) It was rated an A- and you can find it at your local Aldi’s store so it is also very cheap!
    Love your blog! Can’t wait for the next one.

  30. Whoa… sounds terrible! I think New Zealand (which is where I am) is wonderful for the fact that you can pick almost any yoghurt off the shelf and have it taste and be fantastic.

  31. Hmm.. Chobani, our family loves this stuff! Our fridge is 1/4 full from the bottom up with Chobani since we have to stay on a low acid, low fat and healthy diet! Thanks for sharing!

  32. I do like Stoneyfield whole milk organic yogurt. Yum. I bought some as a starter and made my own yogurt at a quarter of the price. It’s easy to do. It is not as thick as the Stoneyfield but I have learned you when I drain it through some cheesecloth it becomes like a Greek yogurt. (And if I let it drain long enough it becomes cream cheese.) I buy or make it plain and then if I want will add my own fruit and sweeteners. That way I know just what’s going into it! You can find how to make yogurt here

  33. FYI, folks. Most the the brands of yogurt named here contain loads of SUGAR and water. If you really want a healthy yogurt, insist only on FAGE, (pronounced FA-YEH!) Not organic, yet simply ingredients like milk and active cultures. Ween your kids off of the junk yogurts which masquerade as healthy food. Fage yogurt is Greek style, rich and creamy with no additives like gelatin. Merely 4.5% fat in the Fage Total 2%, and 23% protein per 8 OZ serving. Add FRESH fruit if you desire…this is where organic fruit is important. And NO I do not work for the Fage Dairy Industry. 😉 FAGE can be reached at 800.962.5912 in the US or

  34. Greek yogurt or greek style yogurts are great. Greek Gods, very good, Oikos is great, especially topped with fresh fruit and a little bit of honey, if you get the plain kind. Yay for yogurt!

  35. Very funny blog… and I literally see Chobani yogurt everywhere I turn lately. How has a product of curdled milk suddenly taken the world by storm? If it tastes like a Krispy Kreme, okay, but my money says it still tastes like a nasty congealed wad of yogurt.
    Lettuce Be Clear

  36. Greek Gods Honey yogurt. Go buy it, people! Go buy it now! It’s better than ice cream! I’m not kidding! (Also, I had no idea that yogurt could spark such discussion, but why not? I’m diggin it!)

  37. Our family fell in love with the Public’s store brand while vacationing in Florida. (Lookit all the flavors!) Thanks for bringing back good memories! Your town sounds like a fun place to live.

  38. I’m here right now to tell you Greek Gods yogurt is freaking amazing. The honey flavor is my go to as it has ingredients in it that I actually know what they are. Stoneyfield farms is great too. Whenever I can’t find the before mentioned brand, this is what I buy.

  39. This reminds me of a guy that eat yogurt all the time, he also pinned all his yogurt tops on his rec room wall. He just loved it and the only kind he ate was that old fashion plain.
    You are corect ,today there are so many great yogurts available.


  40. You simple MUST try Greek Gods! (Like I can order you around, but hey….) I like the honey or pomegranate best, the vanilla-honey-cinnamon not so much. The Greek Gods texture is thick, creamy and wonderful and the flavorings are subtle, not in-your-face. Very adult stuff! And, glow-in-the-dark yogurt? Really? That concerns me. I think I’ll go fret about it.

  41. Yes, the selections available in the supermarket isles have improved! I love yogurt, well the ones with the least amount of sugar that is. Greek yogurt is the best. Making yogurt at home is great too!

  42. Okay, if you REALLY, REALLY love yoghurt, you MUST try a German brand called Onken. They have some amazing flavours.
    I love their wholegrain peach, wholegrain berry, Sicilian lemon and Raspberry flavours.
    You can’t go wrong with these.
    I’ve tried American yoghurt. Trust me, it’s as good as the chocolate i.e. not that good. So if you want top quality yoghurt, go with Onken. For Reals.

  43. I have noticed. In addition to the yummy Greek yogurt I’ve been seeing everywhere, a few Australian brands have hit the market, with some great new flavors. You can’t go wrong with yogurt.

  44. OK, with all due respect, I’m happy for you that you got Freshly Pressed. But I really fail to see how this is worthy of the distinction. There are thousands of bloggers out there putting out insightful, emotional, and/or downright hilarious material out there. Unless, there’s a whole lot of irony or tongue-in-cheek humor here, all I see is someone when to their store and noticed some new products. If that’s all it takes then how about this – Sparrow Market in Ann Arbor has a freshly slaughtered wild boar raised without antibiotics and organically-fed.

    Freshly Pressed posts more often then not favor photographers posting original work and people with top 10 lists. Neither of these are here, either.

    Again, congrats on FP, but not understanding the process at all…

  45. Too bad they are not importing Bulgarian yogurt. It’s the best. The bacteria that makes yogurt is called bulgaricus. The original yogurt is plain. Anything that’s added to it is artificial – flavours, sugar, thickeners, etc. That’s why the best real yogurt is plain. Bulgaria is a huge exporter of yogurt to Japan and Asia in general. The Bulgarian yogurt is considered to provide a long and healthy life. In Asia, people take yogurt if they have upset stomach and if they want to have a balanced healthy diet. It’s a main food component in Bulgarian lifestyle. And it’s very common for people to make it at home.

  46. I make my own – it’s just magic. You dump some warm milk into little plastic pots, push the zap button, and go to sleep, only to discover when I wake up the next morning thick creamy tart goodness. Gee!

  47. Try the chobani, you won’t be disappointed! Much creamier and thick like pudding, but not as sugary tasting and tangy as traditional yogurts. Think fresh fruit with creme.

  48. I couldn’t believe it when I saw your Freshly Pressed headliner for Chobani yogurt….it’s as if you read my mind! I first tried Greek yogurt on a cruise and was immediately drawn to it and it’s obvious healthier benefits than all the old brands that have been on the shelves since I was a kid. After returning, I immediately searched for Greek yogurt and had trouble finding one I liked…settling on Chobani which I just finished filling my refrigerator with. I think I’ll go eat a blueberry one right now!

  49. Stoneyfield Farm’s Oikos Greek Yogurt comes in caramel and chocolate flavors. The best part, they’re fat free and lower in sugar than most yogurts. PS: Glow in the Dark yogurt? Yeah, that’s not full of chemicals. 😉

  50. My parents are dairy farmers in NYS, and my mom recently told me about the Chobani company (after seeing my fridge here in Alaska stocked with Chobani yogurt). They have an amazing story–according to my mom (take it out on her if this is incorrect!!), it was founded by a Turkish family, and it is still a family-owned business. After a Kraft foods factory closed down in a small town in Upstate NY (Chenango County), all but destroying the local economy because so many people lost their jobs, Chobani bought the property and has completely revitalized the community. They now employ more workers than the Kraft factory did! They are committed to the local community and are involved in many service projects and events in the area. They are now the top-producing yogurt manufacturer in NYS! The coolest thing for me is this: milk from my parents’ farm is actually sold to the Chobani factory by their milk processor! Here I was, 5000 miles away from home, unknowingly consuming milk from my own farm back east. So awesome. Our local Costco recently began carrying Fage individual yogurt cups instead of Chobani, and I am so frustrated! They are so much more difficult to eat since the fruit is in a separate cup and there is not enough room to mix the yogurt and fruit together in the yogurt cup. And the flavor selection in the Costco pack is LAME. I’ve been buying individual cups of Chobani at the local grocery store anyway to support such an amazing company!

  51. I just bought Chobani in hopes of making my own. Turns out it’s VERY easy to make your own at home with just a little starter from the store. Who knew?! Just make sure you get good directions, the recipe that prompted me to make my first batch was so over simplified I thought I could simplify it even more by skipping a step.
    My next attempt I will be following these directions!

  52. I’ve recently branched out to the Chobani world, and I’m still on the fence. Not sure how I like it or don’t. Still getting over the texture of it, I guess. Now that I’m hearing that Breyers is making yogurt, I’m going to have to look for that to try out.

  53. Yayy yogurt!
    I am gluten sensitive and have to be pretty careful about what I eat – which often means when I go shopping I have to hit more than one store. It is really encouraging to see some grocery stores getting on the local/organic track for some of their products.
    My favorite yogurt still isn’t at regular super markets – I love love LOVE Brown Cow yogurt, but so far the only place that has it near me is Whole Foods. I get their “Cream Top” variety, which literally has a layer of thick delicious cream about an inch deep at the top. It’s like eating cream cheese, but it’s so much more healthy, and the flavor overall is unbeatable. I had a friend describe it to me as ‘decadent,’ and she wasn’t kidding.
    I’m glad you persevered at your local store – and that the owner listened!
    Happy shopping, and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  54. Chobani is my favorite! I can actually eat yogurt now and feel full, unlike those Yoplait and Dannon wannabes. Not to mention the Greek yogurt has a much more intense flavor.

  55. Yogurt that effervesces in the dark? Ew..not sure I want to know what’s in it to cause that effect!

    Anyone that has to grocery shop will appreciate things like this.

    I’m pretty happy with the placement of the pasta sauces in Wegmans. I’m sure they’ve done considerable research on the location and placement of certain foods and products.

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  57. Yes, omgoish. I thought it was just me.
    There have been spikes in stocking for chobani and yoplait greek and dannon greek.
    Absolutely freaking fantastic.

  58. I am a big fan of yogurt. Whenever I shop at grocery stores, I am always going to pick up few new flavored yogurts. I had tried many brands of yogurts; nevertheless, the flavors and the quality are kind of similar with the popular brands. The yogurt market does need some innovation and creativity. Recently, I do find there are more selections in the supermarket. My favorite one is definitely going to be Chobani because it has real fruits in it, and it tastes sweeter than other brands.

  59. Chobani is a perfect snack for those of us on diets. It has an excellent sorce of protein 18grams, 7 carbs and 100 calories that’s if you choose the plain yogurt. I find the plain chobani has a better taste than most and ive lost 66 lbs so far. Just be careful not all yogurts are created equal some are packed with lots of sugar.

  60. I agree, the yogurt market has improved greatly! It is still important to make sure that you’re buying yogurt that is low in sugar and with no added food dyes or colorings!

  61. And… how about the rise of Pinkberry frozen yogurt? Pinkberry started in South Korea, I believe. Then they came to California and pretty much has captured the hearts of Americans all over the nation. I see Pinkberrys and Red Mangos everywhere these days. If you love yogurt and haven’t tried Pinkberry or Red Mango, Google them now! You’re missing out on life if you love yogurt and you haven’t tried the two.

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  63. When they come out with Guinness flavored yogurt I’m all in. This other stuff has got to be horrible for you……….looks like the yogurt companies have sucked in all the rubes From Mt. Pilot.

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  65. This design is incredible! You certainly know how to
    keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start
    my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job. I really loved what you had to say, and
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