Love ‘em Hug ‘em Robots

As a devoted life-partner and mother, I find the amount of violence in this world disturbing. Which is why I only let my kids play with toys and games that encourage love, acceptance, openness, progressive values, and herbal remedies.

In that spirit, I’ve altered popular games and toys to be more uplifting and educational: Love ‘em Hug ‘em Robots, Sharing Sharing Hippos, Humanitarian Aid Battleship, Childhood Obesity Barbie, Black Power Rangers, and Don’t Tickle Me There Elmo are just a few of the great things I’ve done to make my kids’ childhood a little brighter.

Natural Childbirth Operation, Loving Touch Twister (Left hand, hug!!!), Free Range Pokemon, Fair-Trade Cabbage Patch Kids, Peak Oil Play-Doh,  Gay Settlers of Catan—there are no limits! My kids will be much better adjusted and caring adults thanks to a few simple tweaks to these everyday toys and games.

I’ve sold more than a dozen copies on eBay of my more caring version of Monopoly, “Shareopoly,” where properties are distributed evenly at the beginning, and if you lose all your money the President gives you a stimulus. Everyone wins when no one loses!

The game ends when climate change destroys the game board.

For my next project, I’ve gotten together with a programmer to alter “Angry Birds” to “Habitat for Humanity Birds,” where the birds help the pigs rebuild their homes destroyed by their angry counterparts!

If you’re interested in buying or helping me with my crusade to make the world a more loving place, call or email me! I’ll welcome you with open arms. And hummus.


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