Death of Kim Jong Il- I’m gonna miss that lesbian chick

I know I just posted and all, and don’t want to be one of those computer nerds who sit around playing World of Warcraft and trying to find naked girls on Chat Roulette all day, but I accidentally saw the news this morning and learned that that one Korean lesbian chick Kim Jong Il is dead, and I was like, whoa.

Kim Jong Il- Old Lesbian

Dude, this is big, right? Like, Kim wanted to blow up America because of how rich our country is and all the anti-gay stuff here but didn’t cuz she got old or whatever, and now her son Kim Jung Un (how do lesbos make kids?) is going to take over and he hates America even more and he’s young and has energy for some serious hating. Dude, I’m young, too, and if I had all that power and was raised with all that Anti-America I wouldn’t wait more than two seconds after being in power to push the “Nuke America” button.

Look, I’m not into communism or anything, but at least Kim wasn’t going to bomb us anytime soon, probably because women are more emotional and was probably going through menopause or something cuz she was old. Plus, she was a lesbian and they’re even MORE sensitive and emotional, right? Or is that just the gays?

– Brandon


8 thoughts on “Death of Kim Jong Il- I’m gonna miss that lesbian chick

  1. Agree with Dr. Evan. The threat of nuclear war was just as bad with Kim Jong Il. Suddenly being the only one in Byron City with a working fallout shelter with it’s own gun cellar and urine purifying system doesn’t seem so crazy, does it?

  2. I think it’s sweet that Kim Jung Un is carrying on his mother’s legacy. I would love it if one of my grandkids wanted to bomb a country for me. Especially if that country was Japan.

  3. Brandon, you’re not only one post away from getting kicked off of the blog, but also one post away from me putting my foot up your [censored by admin].

  4. “The office of the mayor would like to apologize to any threats of violence that may or may not have happened on this blog. It will not happen again, as Mayor Chuck is 100% against assault or violence in the fair city of Byron City.” – Office of the Mayor

  5. I am so torn between laughing and being offended because I don’t want Kim associated with my tribe.

    so, I’ll go for the laughing.

    Kim was an evil lesbian who’s policies ended up showing divergent evolution – north koreans are now a foot shorter than south koreans

  6. Thanks Pete, it means alot to me that you like the site. Hey, you were the one with the perm back then….more ataurccely”afro”. Didn’t think I’d live to be an Ajima!

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