OK I just had to share really quick the CUTE costumes Evers made for my puppies!!

Isn't Mrs. Sparkles so cute? I love the gobble-gobble thing that Evers made for her snout.

And Mr. Ruby looks ADORABLE in his top hat!


We’re all ready for the Autumn Enjoyable Trot now! I can’t WAIT to run with my little babies! AH! I love Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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About stephbanks

Howdy from Stephanie Banks-Dickson, former Jama County Beauty Pageant winner! I love dogs and mountain climbing, which is how I met my wonderful husband, Jeff. We both love animals and are trying to open a dog grooming salon. Thanks for all your encouraging support since the unfortunate drama during the year after my pageant win. Onward and upward, I always say!

3 thoughts on “PUPPY TURKEYS!!!11

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