Decorating for Christmas- Do’s and Don’t’s

Hi everyone! As many of you know, I look forward to decorating for Christmas every year. My house at Christmas is the talk of the town, and I don’t intend to disappoint this year! Many of you have asked me for decorating tips, and I’m more than happy to provide you with some of my most important pointers:


Our tree this year

Start Decorating as soon as Halloween is over
Just as it’s ok to start decorating for Halloween right after labor day, it’s perfectly acceptable, if not encouraged, to start decorating for Christmas right after the cobwebs and witch-smashed-into-tree decorations come down.

Use animatronics with sound
Wake up to the sound of Santa Claus saying “ho ho ho” and busy elves banging away with their hammers in your yard! You and your neighbors will really get in the holiday spirit with sound and movement that plays 24-hrs a day for two months straight.

Include Other Religions
It’s ok to include other religions in your Christmas decorations! Use a Menorah for Jews, a crescent moon for Muslims, and the sign of the devil for Atheists.


Forget baby Jesus
With all the presents and fun, it’s easy to forget baby Jesus, so make sure he’s represented, like a doll wrapped in swaddling clothes held by a caring Santa, or the three wise elves carrying toys to the manger. Be creative!

Use real Animals in your nativity
Don’t find out the hard way. Three car accidents, a manure-filled yard, and a missing baby later, I learned my lesson last year.

Don't stress! Hehe...

Collapse into the fetal position chanting the carol of the bells when things don’t go perfectly
Remember, the holidays are supposed to be fun! So if everything doesn’t go perfectly, just laugh. Even if the slightest mistake will ruin all your hard work, and your husband picked up multi-colored lights instead of clear ones, and moths got into the santa costume, and your mother in law sewed you awful stockings and expects you to hang them by the fireplace, and your neighbor refuses to clip the tree branches that are clearly hanging over YOUR yard, and…oh look, it’s time for my pain killers! Still hurting from my back surgery last Christmas.


Michelle Stevens


3 thoughts on “Decorating for Christmas- Do’s and Don’t’s

  1. Well hello, Michelle! I’m so glad you’ve joined our elite list of contributors. I didn’t know Mayor Chuck was looking for a younger, more caffeine-driven version of me to talk about holiday decorating tips. So glad you could contribute, though I’d mind the eyeliner in your picture, Chelle. You look like a working woman.

    • as usual no link that works and yes I have been sseucribbd for months, nothing comes but the daily newsletter with links that always come up page not found.. love your blog but just wish you would blog here so we could read.

      • Hi Swetha,

        Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I had no idea. I can’t even program my TiVo to work, much less a small town blog, so it’s no wonder there are issues. I’ll have one of my interns look into it. If anyone else is having this issue, please let my office know at

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