SO, we had to make some changes for the talent show since most of the town is here in front of City Hall, but I think our talent show was a HUGE success!!

Willow told some poems and I didn’t really know what they meant, but she danced around Mayor Chuck’s car and jumped on his hood, so that was a lot of fun!

Peggy didn’t get to make her casserole because she lit a tree on fire in front of Mayor Chuck’s office and so she was in jail during our talent show. But I’m sure it would’ve been very tasty!!!!

Evers made SUCH a cute dress with his windbreaker. He’s so smart! He didn’t even go home to get his sewing kit. He told me not to post any pictures up here, but he looked SO good!! I think he definitely should be first place. And I’ll take second for my Brad Paisley song. We got the whole block singing by the end, except I needed to finish the chorus by myself, so that was kind of upsetting, but everyone was happy, so I’ll probably just sing it again on YouTube and let you all listen to it.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to raise any money for Steve Jobs’s family because nobody paid to get in. Willow said we should have to pay to entertain ourselves and that that’s what corporations want us to do. It’s really sad, but maybe we can raise money some other way. At least we all had fun Occupying Byron!!

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About stephbanks

Howdy from Stephanie Banks-Dickson, former Jama County Beauty Pageant winner! I love dogs and mountain climbing, which is how I met my wonderful husband, Jeff. We both love animals and are trying to open a dog grooming salon. Thanks for all your encouraging support since the unfortunate drama during the year after my pageant win. Onward and upward, I always say!

4 thoughts on “MOB FOR JOBS TALENT SHOW1

  1. I loved your talent show! Especially the dancing on Mayor Chuck’s car. I even threw my shoes at the car for good measure. So nice of Mayor Chuck to let us have fun on at his expense, bless his heart.

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