Hark! I thus call for a cease to all Occupation!

Ladies and Gents,

As thou knowest, we have thus hence been in the attitude of demonstrating again’st the fowl misuse of tyranny at Byron City. Ye also know’st that I, with my merry band have protest’ed with ye from the eve of the discontentment, throwing cabbage and playing ye olde protest songs all the daye long.

Therefore it is with some forlornity that I plead for disbandment of our protest. Just, it may be, but as a whole it is woeful for our town. We are being seen as just another towne of hippies and degenerates. Others in the ever-flat world may fall into anarchy and ignobility, but we must’st not! There be better ways to deal with the vile plutocracy.

So on this fair morn, I and my band shall leave the protest, and hope that ye others may follow.

Rejoice! The end of Occupy Byron City is nigh!

We must’st be ever civil, just as Lord Mayor Chuck whom, though lambasted by the masses, looked nobly on, serving faithfully still, like a forsaken shepherd looking lovingly over his protesting, unshowered, pot-smoking flock.

In more merry and completely unrelated news, I would’st also like to announce my official appointment to the City Council by Mayor Chuck, effective immediately.

In humble servitude,

– Sir Ryan, Knight of the City Council


12 thoughts on “Hark! I thus call for a cease to all Occupation!

  1. I don’t know, Willow. The talent show was fun, but nobody’s doing anything. Plus, a lot of people haven’t showered, and I have a sensitive gag reflex. I think I might go home too.

  2. Confirmed. I have some sketchy footage from one of my tree cams showing Mayor Chuck screaming at Sir Ryan, and Sir Ryan standing with his arms folded listening and holding some documents, then saying something while doing a little dance, followed by Mayor Chuck hanging his head and shaking his head in agreement to something and walking away, then Sir Ryan dancing happily away. No audio unfortunately, but something is definitely up. Blackmail?

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