Willow here AND PEGGY!

We’re here to rally.  We’re part of the 99% struggling against the corporate greed AND THE DAMN GAZETTE IS GOING DOWN THE TOILET THANKS TO THIS STUPID BLOB!!!1

Hi, this is Willow. I’m going to be the only one writing from now on.

At any rate, we’ve put together a rally downtown to Occupy Byron. Any and all who are fed up with the bureaucratic nonsense of Byron and federal government in general should rally with us! No matter what your cause, come downtown! We’ve got Enya playing all day long and we’re blocking off the streets. I haven’t showered in three weeks (even though we just started occupying today) and I’m ready to stand up to the government until they answer to our demands!

Here’s our rally group! That’s my life partner, Dave holding the big sign. He’s been really supportive.



11 thoughts on “RALLY!

    • you can call me e Posted on The Simple TruthTruth SerumTruth or ConsequencesHonesty or BustIt actually suodns like an interesting blog. I wouldn’t mind checking it out when it is up and running!

  1. No, that’s fine. It’s just that she was right by my begonias, and I’m trying to win first for those at the county fair, so I’d appreciate she not urinate so close to them.

  2. Dudes, I’m totally in and bringing my guitar. I owe a bunch of money on student loans, and I didn’t even finish school, so I shouldn’t have to pay those back! Wall Street should! Those fat cats are totally bringing us down and are the reason I’m broke right now.

  3. Verily! I shall be joining mineself to your band of disgruntled peasants in raising our voices against the tyranny of the ruling class of Wall Street and Byron City–and I’ll be bringing my lute! I demand a spot on the city council, or else this protestant movement will continue to grow, as my friend Doug and his fair wench Jennifer are’st coming down after work! I did’st warn thee, Mayor Chuck, that this woulds’t happen.

  4. Um, where are you guys? Stephers and I came by to bring you all lunch from Pita Pit and couldn’t find you anywh… oh wait, there you are, on Main St. in between City Hall and Byron City Credit Union. Nice placement! Closing laptop and coming over…

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