I’ve studied creative writing and worked hard selling homemade jewelry on Etsy while my husband found his calling in life– photographing street signs. We’ve only bought organic food that’s sold on the side of the road, supporting the farmers’ market, but we still don’t have enough money to fly to Africa. My husband might have to give in to the MAN and work as a photographer at SEARS. They’re begging him to give up his dream for a “stable job” with the BOURGEOISIE. We just want to live our dreams and get paid for it.



Down with Wall Street! Come on, everyone! Let’s rise up and fight bureaucracy while they’re down!


7 thoughts on “Occupy

    • That’s okay, Evers. Hey! I totally had an idea for your Niki Manaj costumes! I think my puppies would look SOOO good! But you have to dress up as Lady Gaga and I’d be Amy Winehouse (RIP). What do you think? I’ll have to text you about it when I get home. AH! It’s going to be soooo good!

  1. I’m part of the 99% of people who think you should shut the hell up. Guess what I did when my hand-made walking sticks didn’t sell very well on Etsy.com? Nothing, because I work for a living.

    In your honor, I’m going to the farmers market tomorrow to pee on the organic squash (a great natural pesticide, btw).

    • I feel sorry for you, William. Mostly because you gave up on walking sticks. I have a friend from Seattle who used to make walking sticks and he lived off the land and he loved it. I think you should take a leaf out of his book. Except brush your teeth, because all of his teeth are missing and it makes it very hard to eat the acorns he found on the ground.

      I still feel sorry for you.

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