Halloween TALENT SHOW!!

K. I just talked to Mayor Chuck and he said as long as I don’t make anyone wear gold stars on their coats, I’m fine. LOL. I didn’t really get it, but Chuck said we can have a TALENT SHOW for Steve Jobs’s Wife!

So Peggy Jensen will make a casserole. Ummm… does anyone want to judge the casserole?

Sue Wood will sing a song with her family–Soo sweet!

And Willow Van Wess will do some poetry.


This is a great start, but we’re NOT DONE YET! I’ll be sharing the talent I shared in the Jama County pageant when I competed, but Mayor Chuck said I can’t use matches this time. But that’s ok because it will still be AWESOME!

Evers? Do you want to do something? I’ll text you tonight when I get off work. Does anyone else want to do something in the talent show? I’m thinking we can make it Saturday, October 30. How does that sound? We’ll do it at the church and we’ll call it, Mob for Jobs.

Aren't they so sweet?!

This is for a good cause, everyone! Call me or text me if you want to participate, or write under this post if you have any ideas for a talent. PLZ do it for Mrs. Jobs!

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About stephbanks

Howdy from Stephanie Banks-Dickson, former Jama County Beauty Pageant winner! I love dogs and mountain climbing, which is how I met my wonderful husband, Jeff. We both love animals and are trying to open a dog grooming salon. Thanks for all your encouraging support since the unfortunate drama during the year after my pageant win. Onward and upward, I always say!

5 thoughts on “Halloween TALENT SHOW!!

  1. OH! And we should get your little dogs involved!!! Eeek! I just had a brilliant thought! Your dogs, in Niki Manaj outfits, dancing to “Super Bass,” but we’ll call it “Super Bark”! I’m so excited, I’m canceling my last appointment of the day to get started…

  2. Ho! I woulds’t like to demonstrate my sword swallowing! And possibly pontificate on local politics and issues through the art of puppetry, a feat sure to please all gents and ladies present.

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