Medieval Club Byron City Chapter Unrepresented in City Council

Hark! I henceforth thus proclaim atrocities committed by the hand of our own city governance. Those fowl naves control our city purse strings whilst lining their satchels with our doubloons and six-pence at their own bemusement, under the guise of democratic polity, yet have never thus included in their ranks a member of our fair Medieval Club. We of the Byron City Chapter denounce such dealings as “taxation without representation,” a thing considered most vile and abominable by our forefathers of yesteryear, our countrymen, and most certainly our progeny.

We therefore thus hark ho demand that a member of our ranks be crowned a member of the City Counsel and imbued with all powers and rights thereof. We demand representation. I do not wish to be vulgar, but failure to yield to our demands will provoke our entire populace of fellow Medievalers and RPG-ers to march the city streets in full medieval garb and regalia to a protest on the steps of city hall–a display I know for certain freaks the mayor out.

Merrily yours,

  • Sir Ryan

P.S. Why’st is not our annual Renaissance Festival proclaimed on the city Calendar of Events (14th of Apr, 2012th year of our Lord)? We’st had nigh unto thirty and one participants last year, and expect a doublet of turnout this year next. I humbly plea for it to be included.


7 thoughts on “Medieval Club Byron City Chapter Unrepresented in City Council

  1. I don’t really understand what you said, but I want to be on the city council, too! I’ve got some great ideas for city activities: letter writing workshops for the kids so they learn how to write real mail to their family instead of just phone texts. I don’t get any texts on my phone, I don’t understand! I checked to make sure it was plugged in and the dial was working, and still nothing. Am I not doing it right? Well, that doesn’t matter, I’d appreciate a letter once in awhile Beth, Ann, Jacob, Marshall, Kennedy, David, Ashley, Beverly, Paul, Andrew, Derek, Drew, Austin, Emma, Grace, Olivia, Emily, Abigail, and my newest little Grandson Mark. My birthday is next month on the 17th. I saw the movie Last chance Harvey yesterday and loved it. They are telling me my hour on the Rec Hall computer is up, which means that this computer will automatically log me out soon, so I just want to tell the city in gener

  2. Get thee hence, vulgar hag Peggy! May the poison wilt the idle ghost whose wicked speak doth curse thy fowl heart, ne’er a grave be brought forth and thrice again to my post at KFC. I throw a Double Down sandwich in thy direction!

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