New Owner of UPS Store? I’m not so sure about this…

I was on my way to the dollar store yesterday when I noticed the “New Franchise Owner” sign at the UPS store. I nearly crashed my car from the shock–shock, and the fact that my steering wheel doesn’t turn as quickly as I’d like it to and that a red car darted out in front of me which I’m pretty sure was driven by a black man since only black people drive red cars (don’t worry, I called and reported him to the police right when I got home).

A new franchise owner? What was wrong with the old franchise owner? Will he be be able to handle my very specific shipping needs when I send candy, knitted pot holders, festive napkins, and newspaper clippings of interesting articles to my grandkids? And how do I know the new owner will be good company when I  show up in the morning to wait for the afternoon delivery? And who is Steve Jobs?

This is very troubling. I’m hesitant to let another manager handle the things my grandkids have come to depend on me for.

Also, my urine was yellow last night. Is this normal?

– Jean Mangus

P.S. I agree with you Susan! Ladies, keep it in your shirts! 


3 thoughts on “New Owner of UPS Store? I’m not so sure about this…

  1. Thank you Jean. We’ll all miss Marshall, but I’m sure whoever owns the store will do a good job. I’ll make sure. Remember, it’s your turn to bring a craft idea to WOT tonight.

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