Autumn Haikus

In honor of the changing seasons, I’ve written several haikus while sitting outside in the middle of my street. And to the SUV monstrosity that almost ran me over–You are the reason for all that’s awful in the world.

Laughs skate on the air
like two figurines dancing–
there’s spring in my step.

The sun’s balmy gaze
pours into my skin and smiles
as the grass looks up.

Tingling twigs that twist
around each other slyly
awaiting the snap.

Wilted yellow grass
crumples from beneath the shade
of broken taillights.

Cold brushes my cheek
as the branches do the sky:
in long, sinful strokes.

(vote Ron Paul 2012)



4 thoughts on “Autumn Haikus

  1. Oh, Willow! You’re so funny! We’re so glad we got to meet you and Dave last week. It was absolutely wonderful to learn so much about your… quirky little city. And Ron Paul! Oh, you have such a wonderful sense of humor!

    You’re joking, right?

  2. That was you, Peggy? Whew, I thought it was me. I love my SUV. A real Ron Paul supporter would be defending my right to own whatever car I please, not turning some personal vendetta into a political statement. Speaking of which, why have no presidential candidates addressed the health care problem of certain patients coming in for an appointment, throwing up on their doctor’s new iphone, and refusing to pay to replace said new iphone?

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