Hello, friends!

I’ll admit, I was surprised when Mayor Barther asked for my contribution on the new blog. Dave and I are still getting used to the quaint life here in Byron City, but we fell in love with everyone instantly.

A little about myself– I’m a writer, poet, lover of animals (especially my two labs, Jace and Janet) and a strict vegetarian. I believe in kindness and civility and I’m an advocate of peace everywhere.

I may write poetry on this blog, I may write some opinion editorials–I haven’t quite decided why I’ve been asked to contribute, but I’m grateful to be a part of this community.

Please accept my warm welcome. Dave and I always welcome friends and strangers into our home. We’re planning a housewarming party next Saturday. We’ll have hummus and gluten-free veggie sandwiches. Feel free to come so we can get to know the wonderful souls of Byron City.



3 thoughts on “Grata

  1. Oh Willow! I’m so glad to see you’re a part of the group as well. My son Jared is thrilled to be in your writing class. Can’t wait to meet the two of you this Saturday. Greg and I were going to bring fresh halibut, but looks like we’ll have to find something a little earthier… at any rate, welcome to Byron City!

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