New City Blog!

“Citizens of the great city of Byron City, I’m proud to announce the launch of our first ever city blog. Feel free to post suggestions, ideas, concerns, complaints, or suspicious characters you may see lurking through town. Posts are limited to Citizens of Byron ONLY. Please keep posts clean and city related. You must be 18 to post.

“Did you type exactly what I said, Eric? Exactly? You need to pay attention. And I want you to start using a pen and paper, not just your computer typer. You need to work on your handwriting. God forbid you should ever learn cursive. Is your mother teaching you anything? Don’t you ‘ok, grandpa’ me. Now go see if Angie needs anything, and you call her Ma’am, understood? Why are you still typing?”

– Office of the Mayor


One thought on “New City Blog!

  1. Is this going to replace the Gazette? Because I’ve been over the Gazette for 52 years and no blob-using new age technology person is going to change that! You wait and see!

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