4-H in Trouble? Not on My Watch!

Hello to all you fellow Byronians! I’m Susan Wood, your local PTA treasurer of Byron Elementary, vice president of Byron Women of Today, and director of the Byron Presbyterian choir. I have a wonderful husband, Greg, and three beautiful children. My oldest plans to go to Brown when she graduates high school, but that’s a few years off. I’m a mother before anything else. Period. And that’s what parenting should be about. While I’ll mostly be here to talk about the issues facing our children, the leaders of tomorrow, I’m also an avid gardener, hunter, and book reader. Check back regularly for more news on education, hobbies, and raising children!

Today I want to bring up a serious issue in our public schools: inappropriate use of funding! My oldest daughter came home yesterday and told me they were going to quit the 4-H club that meets after school and I just about had a heart attack! Marie was just starting the program and now she may never know how to properly care for our land and livestock.

I remind you friends and family that land and livestock are the backbones to our town! Ever since the drought of ’86, 4-H has been a safe haven to all families of Byron with land to protect.

So what is 4-H being dropped for? Well Marie told me that the high school’s performing Pippin! Now, for those of you like me who didn’t know anything about this musical, Pippin was written by hippies in the 70’s to promote drugs and sex. And the sets and costumes are so expensive! Marie said Mr. Van Allen, the drama teacher, wants to have the whole set turn around into another set. That’s our money, folks!

I have already talked to the ladies at Byron Women of Today and they are fully prepared to protest the cut funding. PLEASE stand with me and rally together to save 4-H! We can’t let these hippie plays take the money from our cows, our farms, our children. Stop by my house for an informational meeting this Sunday at 8pm. Greg will heat up the barbeque and we’ll have ribs while we talk about saving our farms and livestock.



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